Peter Burger

Artist’s Statement

I was initially inspired to begin painting by my discovery of a  book of Van Gogh’s paintings that I came across  as a teenager. Since then I have been influenced by many artists and movements: most notably the American Abstract impressionists of the 1960’s, such as Joan Mitchell, and modern Australian painters such as Arthur Boyd, Kevin Connor and Elizabeth Cummings.

I like to start the process of painting in an intuitive fashion, building up areas of colour and searching for compositional features of the image as it emerges. I usually  work quickly to capture an impression of the subject matter, allowing spontaneity to distort and abstract the image as it evolves. I find that the most satisfying  works arrive at a conclusion where the work conveys a sense of familiarity that is not immediately accessible.


About Peter Burger

Peter Burger studied art at Meadowbank Technical college in the early 1980’s and has been painting and exhibiting ever since.

His works are predominately focused on exploring the tension between the literal and abstract interpretation of landscapes and portraiture.

Peter’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions, as well as notable public galleries. His works have attracted a number of prizes and  awards and are represented in collections throughout Australia and internationally.

Peter devoted himself to teaching for much of the last ten years, only exhibiting occasionally, but is now painting full-time.