barbara holmes




Over the years Barbara has attended several workshops in various aspects of art. She studied art at TAFE in Both Orange and Bathurst and particularly liked drawing, painting and sculpture. In more recent times she has added photography and has become quite passionate in looking for that special subject to photograph whilst on her walks and always with a camera in her pocket. She concentrates on both subject matter and special light effects. She believes it doesn’t matter what you draw, paint or photograph but the elements of composition, balance and light effects together are essential.

Acrylic is her main medium for painting but she does do oil as well. Palette knife and a limited palette are what she prefers. Lately she has been concentrating on her charcoal drawings, often combined with pen, with the subject matter mainly consisting of aspects of the landscape. Like Bruce she likes to explore different techniques and styles and finds it beneficial having another artist on hand to exchange ideas and keep one on track.

Along with Bruce she belongs to the Blackheath Art Society. They are both featured in the current Blue Mountains Life magazine Sep – Oct 2017. Bathurst has been their home for many years and the changing seasons and historical villages, including Hill End have been their inspiration. Barbara continues to win awards for both her paintings and drawings.


bruce holmes




Bruce’s background has included sporadic study in art courses and workshops, including CSU and TAFE. The preferred medium is oil, though sometimes gouache, acrylic and pastel, line and wash are used. A general strategy has been to interpret, rather than retail naturalistically, aspects of landscape and mankind’s impact on and relationship with this landscape. Subject matter, based mainly on the Central Western area of NSW, is occasionally informed by items of historical interest. Variety of subject has led to a variety of treatment and technique, such as the manipulation of perspective and pattern, with occasional forays into accommodating and hopefully integrating the figurative and the abstract.

He admires the Post-Impressionists and some of the German Expressionists, and is drawn to the Fauvist élan of such artists as Derain, Vlaminck, Matisse and Dufy. As to Australian artists, he rates highly the work of Guy Maestri and Nicholas Harding. Bruce finds the Central West inspiring for art: its natural features mingled with the history of settlement.

He has been a finalist in the Calleen on several occasions, and in the NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, as well as in the Gallipoli prize. He has been a finalist and won numerous awards in many exhibitions, including those of Blackheath, Cowra and Bathurst.